With Sneakerino customizable monitors you won't miss a drop ever again. Get notified about every release, quickly on time, with all the info you need.

Drop Info

Get detailed information about every release, restock, or news, directly to your discord server. View product name, price, image, sizes, links, release date, and more..


Personalize your monitors! Set a custom name, profile picture, and message color. Filter out unwanted products with #keywords. Ping/mention roles when something is released or restocked.


You can manage everything from our user-friendly dashboard. Manage, customize, turn on and off monitors, all from one place. Login with Discord, select your server, and get started in just a few minutes!

Simple Pricing

If you buy e.g. 5 monitors, you can turn on any 5 monitors from our list. You can turn monitors on and off at any time, so when you don't need one of them anymore, you can replace it with another.

Fast and Reliable

Sneakerino monitors are lighting fast with the average uptime of 99.8%. Invite our bot, go to the dashboard, setup monitors, and you're ready to go! Everything is simple, so you can focus on sneakers, instead of wasting your time with complicated stuff.

Friendly Support

We offer free support for everyone. If you have any questions about Sneakerino, join our Discord, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Simple Pricing

Join our Discord to request a free trial.

Standard Pricing Table Image
  • Choose from 170+ monitors
  • Shopify, Supreme, SNKRS, Yeezy,
    Footsites, and more.
  • Multiple regions (US, UK, EU, ...)
  • Customization
  • Keyword filters
  • Detailed product info
  • Role @pings/mentions
  • Support

For custom solutions check out Enterprise NEW

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